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Inspect Before You Buy a Used Car

When purchasing a used car, always inspect the engine and other mechanical systems. Most used cars carry warranties. Review the warranty information before buying. The best deal on a used car, however, is an older car with few miles.

Cleanliness should be a major concern before purchasing a used car. Dirt and mud buildup on the body of a car can cause the car’s braking and steering systems to malfunction.

Car Repairs

More than just inspecting the mechanical systems of a used car, inspecting the car’s body for damage is also a good way to check the condition of a car before purchasing it. Some areas of a car to used cars in sacramento check for are body damage, tires, trim, paint, glass and hood. Check the history of repairs for the vehicle as well. Be sure to compare prices on repairs and the work performed to make sure the quality of repairs is acceptable.


Many dealerships will sell a vehicle as-is. However, many of the terms used for new cars should not be used for a used car. There are four main terms used to refer to a used car. These are:

New-Used — There is no difference in a “used car” or a “new car”. When you purchase a “new car”, there is a distinction in the condition of the car. With a “used car”, you are buying a vehicle that has some wear and tear.

Private-Owner — Generally, if you purchase a vehicle without a motor-vehicle warranty, you are purchasing a vehicle as a private-owner. Most people agree that there should be some type of warranty on a used car.

Second-Hand — The vehicle is sold “second-hand”. The term “second-hand” does not apply to “second-hand” cars.

Repairable — The vehicle is in good repair. Usually, if a car is in good repair, it means the car was not damaged after it was purchased.

Qualifying for Auto Finance

The income that you earn may be subject to government rules and regulations. For example, some loans are available only for consumers with a certain income level. Also, some loans do not have minimum used cars in sacramento qualifications on the amount of credit used to purchase a vehicle. The car salesman is responsible for checking for these regulations and qualifications. Some car dealerships will qualify you for loans if you do not meet the qualifications set out by the dealerships.

Estimate Vehicle Price

Once you decide to buy a vehicle, you can start to research how much the vehicle will cost. Prices on used cars can vary greatly. Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples when purchasing a used car. First, look for the vehicle model year and mileage on the car’s windshield. The model year indicates when the car was made. Make sure the car is a certain model year so that you are comparing similar models.

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