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Your Dream Miami Wedding at Deering Estate

By Nehir Oct10,2023

For those who dream of their perfect wedding venue, whether it has a touch of history, intimate and cozy, grandeur, or just a natural backdrop, your dream wedding in Miami is now waiting for you.

Every couple at the stage of tying the knot is surely pondering where they will have their special day. But with lots of options nowadays, the decision can sometimes feel like a puzzle. It is somehow overwhelming for many couples. Well, it is completely understandable because this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. That is why we are also yearning for nothing but the best.

In the most extraordinary moment of a couple, the Miami wedding venue is perfect. Celebrate the love in the most beautiful spaces, showcasing the natural beauty and history that everyone will love. Discover it through the offers of Deering Estate. Some of the highlights of their wedding venues are:

  • Infinite view of the waterfront
  • Scenic beauty with architectural charm
  • Tailored evening rental options
  • Trusted and versatile catering, photography, and vendor alternatives
  • Perfect for intimate and grand gatherings and celebrations

It clearly shows that a deering estate wedding offers everything a couple desires for their special day, the wedding. They provide beautiful choices of indoor and outdoor spaces, each of which has its own distinct ambiance that even the guests will surely love.

  • Front Lawn – If the couple desires a more natural feel for their wedding, where everything is all-natural including lighting and vibes, this is the perfect choice for them.
  • Stone House Museum – For those who crave a touch of history and have classic elements, this is an ideal choice.
  • Courtyard – This is a great space for a wedding reception, with ample space for dancing and an inviting ambiance.
  • Royal Palm Grove – This is also a great choice for reception as it combines the natural beauty of the bay and stone house, creating a unique kind of atmosphere.

All of these aforementioned spaces can be visited by the couple for a site tour. They have an option whether they desire to have a site tour onsite or virtually but have an appointment first to not interfere with ongoing occasions. Those who desire to raise their inquiries or request a schedule of site tours must fill out the online form found on their website. Also, anyone can freely get in touch with their event manager at (305) 680-5219. Rest assured that they will immediately get back to all their clients’ inquiries.

By Nehir

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