Pregnancy and dry skin: What you should know

Many pregnant women experience dry skin. However, one need to attempt to understand why, how to properly nourish and hydrate your body’s skin during a period of significant inner and outward changes, and what to do. Here you will know about what is dry skin pregnancy and how to overcome them in simple way.

Pregnancy and its effects on our skin

Pregnancy is a period of tremendous hormonal changes for every woman’s entire body, as well as a period of true restructuring of our organism’s functioning geared at guaranteeing food to the foetus and a normal and healthy gestation. All of these changes end up reflecting on our skin.

Skin changes throughout pregnancy and varies from woman to woman: some detect an improvement, while others note some deterioration. Changes impact the whole body, from the skin on the face to the skin on the torso.

dry skin during pregnancy

Dry skin is a very prevalent manifestation of this. It is also because all of the water we drink is directed first to the foetus and then to the rest of the body.

Remedies for Pregnancy Dry Skin

To avoid dryness, hydration and nutrition are essential components of any pregnant skin treatment: it is important not only to drink plenty of water, but also to choose products for the face and body that ensure hydration and nourishment, such as a good moisturising serum and a cream that stimulates microcirculation and the natural production of collagen in our skin. Yet drinking water is something much needed when you have dry skin pregnancy.