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What Is GZQUAR And Where Can You Use It?

media file with no .wmdb extension

Opening files can be easy with the exact extensions. If you have encountered opening files on your PC or mobile device yet are unable to open them, it might be because of an unsupported extension. With thousands of available files and file extensions, the gzquar file is a Windows security program. It is used for protecting a computer from the risk of malware.

The GZQUAR file is assigned to blocking any malicious file to execute and spread throughout the other computer’s data. Meaning, it served as a simple anti-malware file to keep a computer safe from viruses and corrupt files.

What is the purpose of GZQUAR?

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, a software programmed to protect a computer from malware, created GZQUAR. It is used to attach files by using the .gzquar extension to a dangerous file to keep from opening the file. It prevents dangerous files from opening. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition quarantined GZQUAR files for the users to choose whether to delete or restore the files.

The file extension is used for its own file format, which is developed by Softwin. The file is generated by BitDefender Antivirus software and was created by Softwin as well. The file can be a malicious file, which is quarantined, but safe to open. You can see this tool used for Windows platforms.

WMDB File Extension

How does GZQUAR work with malicious code? 

Upon opening a file into a computer, BitDefender Antivirus detects possible malicious code in the particular file. Any file detected with malicious code, the original file extension will be replaced with a .gzquar file. Thus, don’t be scared of malicious malware with this file. The file extension prevents the user from accidentally activating a malicious file that may run a virus, spyware program, worm, or Trojan application.

It is always best to keep this file ready to use and alone. Once the BitDefender Antivirus flagged a valid file, the user can remove the wrong positive from the list of quarantine. The file will be reverted to the original file format. Upon doing so, the user is advised to ensure that the file is a valid file and not a malicious app.

How to open GZQUAR?

It is needed to have a program compatible with the file when you try to open it. Different programs can use files with .gzquar for various purposes. It is very easy and fast. If you are knowledgeable about browning your computer’s local disk, it will be easy on your end.

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